Bathroom Backsplash Design Ideas

Jul 17th

Bathroom backsplash is one of the thing that bathroom usually has. Backsplash is the same as washbasin in the bathroom. People need the washbasin to was their face or as a place for brushing their teeth. If you are wondering about the backsplash design for your bathroom, here are some recommendations.

unique bathroom backsplash
unique bathroom backsplash

Modern Bathroom Backsplash Design

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The modern one probably is the most suitable design for all bathroom themes. A lot of designers are tending to design the simple-modern one. The popular one is the single-slab backsplash that consist of one medium size of washbasin and one small mirror. The washbasin is usually in white colour and the mirror’s frame is in bold colour without too much decoration. That’s really a typical of modern design.

Geometrical Design of Backsplash

The geometrical design is focused on the wall design and the frame, not the actual washbasin. They will make the attractive geometrical design for the mirror and wall around the washbasin and let the washbasin in neutral colour such as white or black colour. Sometimes, there are also some designers that using mineral stones material for the washbasin and combine it with the geometrical design. These two designs are popular designs for the bathroom that will easily match with all themes of bathroom.

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